Keynote Moderators Paul Johnson and Paul Sonkin have a new book coming out in July!

I just checked out some excerpts from the new book Pitch the Perfect Investment-The Essential Guide to Winning on Wall Street by Paul Johnson and Sonkin; it's fantastic! I have already pre-ordered my book and I highly recommend doing the same if you are interested in how to pitch an investment idea. Below is the link to preorder on Amazon....

Pitch the Perfect Investment

The Investors Podcast is Ranked as a Top Five Podcast on Investing!

Link to WSJ article 

"Preston Pysh and Stig Brodersen are the dynamic duo of podcasting, hosting The Investors Podcast, which has nine million+ downloads. Mr. Brodersen has a great background, while Mr. Pysh is an active-duty service member and has the smoothest radio voice among all podcasts I listen to. The podcast covers a range of investing topics, with in-depth conversations with leading lights of the investing world. If you are thinking about reading a particular investment book, chances are good that these guys have interviewed the author. One of my favorite episodes involved billionaire Jesse Itzler, an owner of the Atlanta Hawks NBA team, who discussed why he lived with a Navy SEAL for 31 days to improve his life."